• Theley Blechbearbeitung Maschinenpark
  • Theley Blechbearbeitung Maschinenpark
  • Theley Blechbearbeitung Maschinenpark
  • Theley Blechbearbeitung Maschinenpark
  • Theley Blechbearbeitung Maschinenpark

Laser machinery

Two automated Bystronic laser cutting centres

4,5kW up to 6kW laser performance.

Each consisting of two flat-bed machines and each consisting of a double storage tower for raw material, cut parts and skeletons.


TruLaser 5030 classic 6kW 2 machines

Construction steels up to 25 mm (oxygen).

Stainless steels up to 20 mm (nitrogen, oxide free cutting edges).

Aluminium up to 15 mm.


Trumpf combination machines TC 7000 and TC 600L

Automated, equipped for thread moulding

3kW / 4kW laser performance

Material strength up to 8 mm construction steel and up to 4 mm stainless steel.

Reshaping and special shaping option with corresponding tools (louvering, beading etc.)

Bending machinery

3 Bystronic-Hämmerle bending machines

130, 200 and 225 tons bending force.

Depending on the part lengths, bends of a material thickness of up to 12 mm possible (steel).

Maximum bending length: 3,100 mm



Welding machinery

We are in the possession of welding equipment for MAG and WIG welding, spot welding for a sheet thickness of 2x3 mm and stud welding for studs up to M12 and equipment for the production of welding seam preparations.


Manual welding:

Manufacturer qualification class D.


MOTOMAN welding robot

maximum weldable part dimension: 2,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm

Nine axis of rotation


Motoman welding robot

Motoman Robotec Up 20 M (welding)

Motoman Robotec Up 20 (handling)

Control unit: Motoman XRC


• 3 x 360 ° component turner

• 1 x linear translation axis with a movement range of about 15 m

• 3 x machining stations (insertion station)

• Current source for welding: Fronius TPS 5000 – 500 Ampere


Component dimension: max. 3500 x 1500 x 500 mm (length x width x height)

Max. weight: 400 kg


Machinery Flame Cutting

ESAB - autogenous flame cutter

Width: 6,200 mm

Length: 28,000 mm

Number of cutters: 8

Range of thickness: 10 to 160 mm


ESAB - Plasma HD flame cutter (fine jet)

Width: 2,000 mm (2x)

Length: 6,000 mm (2x)

Number of cutters: 4

Range of thickness: 10 to 80 mm


MESSER Griesheim autogenous flame cutter

Width: 3,200 mm

Length: 28,000 mm

Number of cutters: 2

Range of thickness: 3 to 40 mm


Shot blasting machine

for sheets, cuttings, profiles, bars & tubes

Width: 1,600 mm

Length: 28,000 mm

Opening: 1,600 x 400 mm


FasRapid high performance linish sander
for welding seam preparation and chamfering bevel strength
Bevel strength: 1-85 mm
Length: 100 – 3,000 mm
Bevel performance: 150cm³/min


Dunkes HRP-HF-STS 100 hydraulic straightening press

Force of pressure: 1,600 kN

Lift of stroke: 300 mm

max. part width: 1,500 mm

max. part length: 3,000 mm

max. part thickness: 90 mm


Equipment and machines for chamfering and welding seam preparation


ERNST grinding machine ATLAS EB/1500

containing a deburring drum and brush roller module

Maximum part width: 1,500 mm

Part thickness: 1 - 100 mm

Maximum part weight: 800 kg

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